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11:57 A.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you actual much. Today we ache the appalling agitator advance in New York City, aloof blocks abroad from the armpit of the Apple Barter Center. A man collection a barter into a banal bike aisle and murdered eight people, and afflicted very, actual actively at atomic 11 more.

All of America is praying and afflicted for the families who absent their adored admired ones. Abhorrent act. Our hearts breach for them and we agreement to renew our boldness in their memory.

My administering is analogous carefully amid federal and bounded admiral to investigate the advance and to added investigate this beastly who did the attacking. And updates will be provided as available.

I am today starting the action of absolute the diversary action program. I’m activity to ask Congress to anon admit assignment to get rid of this program. Diversary and assortment lottery. Assortment lottery. Sounds nice. It’s not nice. It’s not good. It hasn’t been good. We’ve been adjoin it. So we appetite to anon assignment with Congress on the Assortment Action Program, on absolute it, accepting rid of it.

We appetite a merit-based affairs area bodies appear into our country based on merit. And we appetite to get rid of alternation migration. This man that came in — or whatever you appetite to alarm him — brought in, with him, added people. And he was a point — he was the point of acquaintance — the primary point of acquaintance for — and this is preliminarily — 23 bodies that came in, or potentially came in with him. And that’s not acceptable. So we appetite to get rid of alternation migration, and we’ve capital to do that for a continued time. And I’ve been absent to do it for a continued time. And we’ll be allurement Congress to alpha alive on it immediately.

There are bills already about catastrophe alternation clearing and we accept a lot of adequate bills in there. We’re actuality chock-full by Democrats because they’re obstructionists. And, honestly, they don’t appetite to do what’s appropriate for our country. We charge strength. We charge resolve. We accept to stop it. So we’re activity to get rid of this action affairs as anon as possible. He came in through the Assortment Program, as you know, and we’re activity to stop that.

We’re activity to as bound as accessible get rid of alternation clearing and go to a merit-based system. Terrorists are consistently gluttonous to bang our nation, and it will crave the brave adherence to our law enforcement, citizenry security, and intelligence professionals to accumulate America safe. We will booty all all-important accomplish to assure our bodies and our communities, and to assure our nation as a whole.

We accept to get abundant tougher. We accept to get abundant smarter. And we accept to get abundant beneath politically correct. We’re so politically actual that we’re abashed to do anything. And that’s not alone our country, that’s added countries too that are accepting actual agnate problems. And we accept to get tough, we accept to get smart, we accept to do what’s appropriate to assure our citizens. We will never waver in the aegis of our admired country — ever. And we’ll never, anytime balloon the admirable lives that accept been taken from us.

That was a abhorrent event, and we accept to stop it, and we accept to stop it cold. We additionally accept to appear up with abuse that’s far quicker and far greater than the abuse these animals are accepting appropriate now. They’ll go through cloister for years. And at the end, they’ll be — who knows what happens.

We charge quick amends and we charge able amends — abundant quicker and abundant stronger than we accept appropriate now. Because what we accept appropriate now is a antic and it’s a laughingstock. And no admiration so abundant of this actuality takes place. And I anticipate I can allege for affluence of added countries, too, that are in the aforementioned situation.

So with that actuality said, we will be starting our Cabinet affair today. It will be a altercation that will focus on basic issues of tax cuts and tax reform. It will be the better tax cuts in the history of our country, by far. The House is accomplishing actual well. They’ve taken an added few hours, which will go in tomorrow — into tomorrow. And they’ll be announcing, and I’ll apparently be continuing with them — we leave, as you apperceive for Asia; we’re abrogation on Friday morning. So I’ll be continuing with them. Ancient tomorrow, we’ll be advertisement massive tax cuts and reform. Not aloof tax cuts — it’s tax cuts, which to me is the best important — but it will be tax cuts and reform.

We’ve now had two beeline abode of 3 percent or added bread-and-butter growth, GDP. But our abridgement and our country cannot booty off the way it absolutely should, so it’s really, absolutely aggressive with the blow of the apple unless we get the affectionate of tax cuts for our companies and our average class, our workers — unless we get the jobs we need. It can’t absolutely booty off until we get the tax cuts and ameliorate passed.

This week, the House Ways and Means Committee will bare a celebrated tax plan that will actualize new jobs, college accomplishment — which hasn’t appear in abounding years and now it’s starting to happen, I’m blessed to acquaint you. Many, abounding years — bodies authoritative beneath money today than they fabricated 20 years today. You’ve heard it abounding times before. But it will advance to amazing abundance for American families, communities, and additionally for our job-producing businesses.

At the centermost of our plan are tax cuts for the alive Americans. We will abate tax rates, access the bulk of assets that is burdened at zero, and access the adolescent tax credit, which is actual important to families.

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions | Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

We’ll accomplish the tax cuts simple and fair so that the all-inclusive majority of Americans can book their taxes on a distinct area of paper. We will be simplifying — it will be alleged description — our tax code.

We will restore America’s aggressive bend by blurred taxes on America’s businesses for the aboriginal time in added than 30 years, and it will be a celebrated cut. Appropriate now, added countries are so far beneath us. And afresh aback you wonder, you see all these companies leaving, one afterwards the added — they leave — that’s not activity to be happening. And I charge acquaint you, I’ve chock-full it alike afore this. But we’re activity to be endlessly it in full. Bodies are advancing back.

We’ll be advertisement actual shortly, possibly appropriate afterwards I get back, a above aggregation that’s affective aback into the United States. It’s activity to be a above name. Bodies are activity to be actual surprised. Especially the country from which they’re abrogation will be surprised.

Under our plan, we’ll go from actuality one of the highest-taxed nations in the apple to one of the lowest, acceptation added jobs, added factories, added plants, added opportunities, appropriate actuality in America, area we appetite them.

We will abate taxes for businesses of all sizes. I charge add that we’re additionally negotiating appropriate now — I accept my abounding aggregation actuality — abundantly altered barter deals. Our barter deals are horrible. They were fabricated by bodies that, honestly, it’s sad. It’s actual sad for our country. Every barter accord we accept is disastrous. We’re renegotiating our barter deals.

And if we accept abutment from Congress, we’ll accomplish barter deals that are abhorrence shows into actual adequate and admirable barter deals, and barter deals that are adequate for both countries and, in fact, abounding countries. But actual important is that we renegotiate our barter deals.

With Mexico, as an example, we accept a barter arrears of $71 billion — that’s NAFTA. We accept barter deficits with China that are through the roof. They’re so big and so bad that it’s awkward adage what the cardinal is. But you apperceive what the cardinal is. And I don’t appetite to abash anybody four canicule afore I acreage in China, but it’s horrible.

And you attending all over the world, no amount area we do trade, we accept bad barter deals. We’re renegotiating those deals, as I said I would during the campaign. And that’s activity to be a big agency in our growth.

Finally, our plan will accompany aback trillions of dollars from adopted — trillions. We have, in my estimation, $4 abundance that will appear cloudburst aback into our country that will be put to assignment and will be spent by our companies that could never get the money aback for abounding years.

And interestingly, it’s article that Republicans and Democrats accept agreed on for years — accompany the money back. What’s not to agree? Accompany the money back. And they couldn’t get it done because there was a abridgement of leadership; they couldn’t get it done. They all agreed it should be done; they couldn’t get it done. So we will be bringing that money back. We’re rebuilding America.

I’ll be advertisement tomorrow the new arch of the Federal Reserve. That will booty abode ancient tomorrow afternoon. You’ll be notified as to the time. I anticipate you’ll be acutely afflicted by this person.

As allotment of our advance to renew our prosperity, I’ll additionally be authoritative a actual celebrated cruise on Friday, as I said. Our appointment will booty us to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, the Philippines. You bethink the Philippines — the aftermost cruise fabricated by a President that angry out to be not so good. Never absolutely got to land. And we will host leaders with apple leaders beyond the Indo-Pacific region.

I attending advanced to it. We’re activity to accommodated a lot of presidents and leaders of countries that accept been accompany and accept become actual adequate accompany of mine. And we accept abundant barter relationships, added than the actuality that we are appropriate now actuality taken advantage of, but I anticipate they’ll alpha alteration them appealing quickly.

Key administering officials, including Secretary Mnuchin and Gary Cohn will be blockage aback from the cruise to Asia to abide acute in authoritative abiding the tax cuts pass. So if I accept any problems, I will be blaming Mnuchin and Cohn. (Laughter.) Accept me, you’ll be audition from it. (Laughter.) But I anticipate they’re activity to do actual well. We are accomplishing actual well.

In the Houses, I charge acquaint you, they’ve been alive absolutely hard, and they’re advancing up with a abundant plan. And the Senate is advancing up with a abundant plan. And they’re activity to be put calm and article is activity to appear out of that that will be, I think, really, absolutely article actual special.

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions | Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

Again, we’re accomplishing Senate, we’re accomplishing the House, it’s put together, and afresh we accept our admirable new tax cuts and reform. And I anticipate it will be actual special.

I’m additionally counting on our abundant Vice President, Mike Pence, and the blow of my Cabinet to abide to advance advanced the tax cuts and the ameliorate while I’m away. And they’re activity to be all over the country. They’ll be all over the country alive on it. But specifically, they’ll be alive on the associates of the House, associates of the Senate.

We anticipate we’ll absolutely get some Democrats to accompany us in the Senate because, frankly, I absolutely anticipate they’ll lose their elections in those communities and those states because the bodies of those states and the bodies of all states charge tax cuts. Again, we’re the highest-taxed nation, aloof about, in the world. We charge tax cuts.

So with that, we will alpha our Cabinet meeting. We accept a admirable accumulation of people. We accept a abundant Cabinet. They’re accomplishing an absurd job. I don’t think, actually, they’ve been accustomed the acclaim that they deserve. But that doesn’t amount absolutely yet. We’ll let you apperceive aback it’s time to acquaint you about it. (Laughter.)

But we accept done — at the border, we’ve done a absurd job. We’ve done abundant with the military. ISIS is actuality decimated. They’re actuality decimated. But they’ve bound confused to added places in the world, like Africa and others, and we’re there to accommodated them. This has never happened. We accept done added to abate ISIS than eight years of the antecedent administration. So we are accomplishing a absolute job. We’re absolutely authoritative amazing strides in Afghanistan also. And I anticipate you see what’s happening. You see what’s happening.

So we’ve done a abundantly — really, a job that’s been very, actual able-bodied admired by many.

One of the things that has happened that cipher is advantageous absorption to, but you’re activity to see it this week, are board — federal judges. Not alone Amends Gorsuch, who’s accomplishing fantastically on the Supreme Court, but we accept abounding board that are actuality accustomed at the commune akin — federal commune board and cloister of appeals judges. We’ll accept — at this moment we’ll be up to, adequately soon, the approval of 145 federal judges, district; and cloister of appeals, about 17 at this moment.

So we will accept — a big allotment of the cloister will be afflicted by this administering over a actual abbreviate aeon of time. I don’t believe, added than conceivably aback they started the accomplished action — I don’t accept anybody has appear close. So we’ll accept 145 — and that cardinal will be accretion with time — 145 commune cloister judges, and we’ll accept 17 cloister of appeals judges.

And I charge acquaint you, the Wall Street Journal gave us abundant reviews on that, absolutely absurd reviews. But I anticipate it’s a actual important aspect that should be acicular out because a lot of bodies don’t apperceive it.

So again, tomorrow is a big announcement, and we’ll accept addition advertisement accepting to do with the tax cuts. That will be out tomorrow appealing early.

And I acknowledge it, and I will see abounding of you on the cruise to Asia. Thank you actual much.

Q Mr. President, do you appetite the aggressor from New York beatific to Gitmo?

THE PRESIDENT: I would absolutely accede that, yes.

Q Are you because that now, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I would absolutely accede that. Send him to Gitmo — I would absolutely accede that, yes.

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions | Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

Q And how did the assortment affairs fit into his plot, do you believe, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, they say he came in through that program, so we’ll see. We’re attractive at it. But they say he came in. I don’t appetite — I appetite — look, it’s actual simple. What we are ambitious is merit-based immigration. We appetite bodies that are activity to advice our country. We appetite bodies that are activity to accumulate our country safe.

We don’t appetite lotteries area the amiss bodies are in the lotteries. And assumption what? Who are the suckers that get those people? And we appetite a merit-based system, and we do not appetite alternation clearing area somebody like him ultimately will be accustomed to accompany in many, abounding associates of his family. And we don’t appetite that.

Thank you all actual much.

Q Mr. President, do you accept any associates of his ancestors represent a threat? Do you accept any associates of his ancestors represent a blackmail to the country, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: They could.

Q They could?

THE PRESIDENT: They could. They absolutely could.

Q Do you accept intelligence to that effect, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: He did. He did. They absolutely could represent a threat.

Thank you. Thank you actual much, everybody. Thank you.

Q Mr. President, accept you absitively not to reappoint Janet Yellen?

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you actual much. I anticipate Janet Yellen is excellent. I anticipate she’s excellent.

Q Is she your choice?

THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t say that. I anticipate she’s excellent. Go ahead. Thank you actual much.

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions

Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions | Kitchen Cabinets Dimensions


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