You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kelsey Ronan

Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

We knew aggregate was activity to hell aback Athel took the clabber off the tables and told us that from afresh on, it was two jellies per customer, which care to be plenty, and if the chump capital more, it’d be twenty-five cents per packet. Grape only. Pearl’s Restaurant was above the artery from the Fisher Anatomy plant, and the rumor was General Motors was activity to shut it bottomward any day. But alike admitting the banquet blitz already seemed slower, a few of our audience laid off, we ample Pearl’s was bulletproof until we had to calculation jelly.

We abashed our eyes adjoin ceremony other, chewed our lipstick. We could see Pearl watching through the sliding kitchen window, her eyes babyish and blinking abaft old cat-eye glasses. Athel and Pearl came up from Nashville in the ’50s—we’ve heard altered versions why, but in the adventure we afresh most, Athel got angled affairs morphine out of the aback of that pharmacy he owned. In Flint he’d formed on the band at Chevy until he’d adored abundant money to accessible a restaurant for all the added hillbillies that had appear arctic to get affluent at Acceptable Motors. They were old abundant to be great-grandparents now, angled with osteoporosis.

Denise was the aboriginal to breach the silence. “Jesus. We counting how abounding times they eject the ketchup bottle, too?” She formed the Sunday after-church shift, confined Baptists who took up tables for hours, breaking ability absurd over chrism of broccoli soup, abrogation the measliest tips because they were bankrupt from tithing. The ceremony before, Denise told two ladies slurping their fourth iced-tea refills that she was activity to accept to allegation them for the auto slices—Athel’s orders. A dime per refill.

“I could go bottomward to Kessel’s and buy me a bag of lemons for fifty cents,” one of those old women said, acrimonious as hell.

“And you could booty those lemons home and allotment them up yourself, too,” Denise answered. We afresh that band to ceremony added all week, casual it through the accouterment till Thursday aback Carly said, “Denise, did you acquaint some old abbey adult to boost a auto up her ass?”

In every adaptation of the auto adventure those women didn’t leave Denise a abuse thing. If barter acquainted like Pearl’s was charging them for the air they were breathing, they abiding as bits wouldn’t be activity acceptable with their waitresses. We could see our fate spelled out in advanced of us, all our tips dematerialization one knife-swipe of attenuate all-encompassing clabber at a time. Carly acquisition up all the dry, added acknowledgment to augment the little birds that ate out of the dumpster, alike admitting Athel had told her for years to stop.

Marilyn, the oldest of us, with her grandchildren’s birthstones ample on her fingers, asked, “We in trouble, Athel?”

“Just one abuse packet of clabber per allotment and no one’s in trouble.” Admitting we all knew that wasn’t what she was asking.

Around seven a.m., Fisher Body’s third-shift boutique rats punched out and came above the artery to get fed. They sleepily watched Nina, the youngest of us, an accessory angled on top of her ass like a present, as she abashed amid tables, refilling mugs, and Marilyn thumped the bills of their UAW caps with her adjustment pad. “I apperceive your name and I got a buzz book. Alone gonna booty me about a minute to alarm your old lady.”

Rose Molloy, Athel’s granddaughter, came in with third shift. We’d been belief Rose for years. Aback she was little, her mother, Myrna, Athel’s peroxide-blonde daughter, brought her in sometimes, dressed like a doll—not the affectionate you annoyance about for tea parties and mud pies, but the affectionate you lock in a anomaly chiffonier and delay for guests to admire. Athel would command her to recite some composition or the Gettysburg Abode and accolade her with mountains of ice cream. Aback she was a teenager, she’d appear in with her lip appearance and alarm cheers and Athel would draft about how she was acquirements French, afresh appeal one of us go get her a Coke, added ice. The aftermost time Myrna came in, she told us Rose was aback home alive the cosmetics adverse at Hudson’s, allowance affluent ladies acquisition the appropriate foundation. “Just while she sends her resume out, of course.” And added, “She’s chatty in French. That ability not beggarly abundant here, but it impresses the appropriate bodies in Chicago.”

That morning Rose absolved beeline aback into the kitchen like she formed there. It angry out she did. Ceremony time we came aback with an order, she was there with her grandma, a billowing chef’s covering burning her appealing blouse, ladling gravy over hot turkey sandwiches and wrapping fat triangles of assistant chrism pie in cellophane.

Rose Molloy, who, from the time she was old abundant to airing into that restaurant on her own two patent-leather Mary Janes, had fabricated it ablaze she knew she was too acute and appealing to be bistro biscuits and gravy above from a car factory, was now in the kitchen, demography our orders.

We laughed our asses off, alleged ceremony added at home with our anxiety up, watching Dynasty and Johnny Carson, demography bets on how continued the angel would last.

The audience were surprised, too. The aboriginal time Rose came out of the kitchen and the boutique rats spotted her, with her beard pulled aback and abrade dusted over her tits, they elbowed ceremony added and hissed to us, “Who the hell’s that?”

We warned them about her cantankerous grandfathering and the baseball bat he kept in the kitchen in case any drunks got testy.

“She ain’t alike that pretty,” afresh Nina, admitting aback Rose showed up she’d taken to affliction her beard a little higher, beating on her eyeshadow a little thicker.

Rose formed from breakfast to dinner, affairs twelve-hour canicule like her grandma had. We were abiding her affable couldn’t be as acceptable as Pearl’s, and we anchored ourselves for the complaints that didn’t come. Nina seemed the best abashed by this; we overheard her allurement barter added times than necessary, “You abiding the aliment is all right?” The alone chump to ask for added clabber was Bobby, and aback Nina told him it was activity to be an added twenty-five cents, he chuckled and said, “I anticipate I can additional that, sweetheart.” He larboard two dollars on the table, aforementioned as usual.

The boutique rats had bigger things to anguish about than jelly, and we did, too. The day they appear Fisher Anatomy would be closing in three weeks, we heard the date afresh over and over. Some men came in from the bar abutting door, black as if they’d aloof larboard their fathers’ funerals. The radio aback seemed so ablaze and blessed we angry it off in respect.

“Mexico,” they told us. “That’s area the plant’s going. They can pay those sons of bitches two dollars a day.”

“I apprehend Burger King is hiring,” they said, a antic with the amusement afraid out of it. “Can’t delay to pump gas.”

Athel came in that evening, sitting at the adverse bistro bazaar atom out of a artificial bag and alive out abutting week’s schedule. One of the boutique rats told us Reagan was advancing to Flint to accord a pep allocution to the workers accepting laid off by the hundreds. We caked ceremony added coffee and debated area Reagan ability go out to eat. “Bet he’ll go to Luigi’s,” Denise said. “Try to cull some ‘I’m a Dejected Collar Joe, Let’s Get a Pizza’ bullshit.”

“They bigger accept Secret Service all over his ass,” Carly said. “Lotta bankrupt and pissed off bodies with time on their hands.”

Marilyn and Carly accomplished into an barter of memories about John Hinckley. Athel growled from the counter. “Pity that boy wasn’t a bigger shot”—all he had to say that evening.

Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

He acquaint the agenda abutting to the aback aperture on his way out. We waited till he was accepting in his Buick to army about it. He’d advance us thinner, everyone’s hours cut but Marilyn, and Rose, who was alive overtime.

“He thinks I’m gonna do the cafeteria blitz on my own?” Denise said. “Just me and Absence Craven & Dumplings 1984 aback there?”

We went quiet, absolution it dig in, alert to the active baptize as Rose accomplished abrasion up on the added ancillary of the kitchen door. We clapped our easily to our mouths to ascendancy in our laughs.

The afterpiece to the plant’s closing date, the added drunks we had to accord with. It wasn’t that they were bashed that agitated us so much—we were acclimated to drunks. The boutique rats drank in their cars on their breaks, covered for ceremony added while they snuck off to get aerial or fabricated beer runs, came to us for article anointed afterwards accepting loaded in the bar abutting door. But as the bulb got accessible to abutting they came in pissed off, depressed, talking about their mortgages, their out-of-state ancestors affairs them south and west. We alleged the badge alert one ceremony for fights, already watching a man get hauled out in handcuffs with assistant pudding dribbling bottomward his chin.

Some aback they got formed went for our asses with slaps and pinches, gave us propositions we angry bottomward flatly. We told them to apple-pie it up or get out―never annihilation we couldn’t handle. A few of the audience would ask afterwards Rose. They knew this new babe was aback in the kitchen frying their chicken, and she became a allegorical creature, like a appealing Bigfoot. They waited for sightings of her, exchanged notes, asked us for details.

The aboriginal time the attractive second-shifter came in on his cafeteria breach and asked to see her we laughed. “Get in line, buddy.”

But this man looked confused. “Rose Molloy?” He was angular and alpine with ablaze dejected eyes—more handsome than we were acclimatized to, but contrarily aloof addition guy in a UAW cap and that aciculate grease and metal aroma on him.

When we told Rose there was a man with a mustache allurement for her, though, she didn’t adulterated a attending through the window or ask for details. As if there was alone one mustache in the accomplished world.

We started to see him three or four afternoons a week. Aback it was slow, Rose came out, still cutting her billowing chef’s coat, and sat above from him, her accoutrements above over her chest or agee in her lap, nervous. We couldn’t adjudge if she capital to ally him or if she owed him money.

“Who’s Mr. Handsome?” we took our turns asking.

“A friend,” was all Rose would anytime say.

“I wouldn’t apperception actuality accompany with him myself,” we said. Or, “Your acquaintance accept any accompany he could accompany with him abutting time?” but Rose never took the bait. We anticipation we’d been accepting to apperceive her better. The afternoons seemed to be addition out slower, and she’d appear out to the dining allowance with a mug of tea. She admired cooking, but the aroma of raw craven fabricated her nauseous. She anticipation they played Madonna too abundant on the radio. She hadn’t cared for alive at Hudson’s, but she did get a lot of samples. She brought Nina a bag of lipsticks that she said would accompaniment her appearance and aphotic hair, and Nina hated her less. But consistently aback we talked about our old men she kept quiet.

We couldn’t amount out what Rose was ambuscade him for. A handsome man with a job―all any of us had prayed for.

“Maybe he’s some cool religion,” Carly guessed. Mormon. Scientologist. Devil worshipper.

We approved to be added practical. Maybe he was married. Maybe he was an ex-con. Nina, who watched a lot of Hill Artery Blues, believed Rose was a biologic aficionado and he was her dealer. Nina formed mornings and insisted Rose ran to the bath a lot, which was a cinch sign.

Mr. Handsome was worse. We approved to babble with him, asked him about the Tigers and the weather, and he never seemed to accept an opinion. We asked him if he was apologetic to absence out on pizza with the Gipper, and he scoffed, “Shit,” so we knew he was a Democrat. The adventure goes that already a preacher came in the restaurant admonishing about Kennedy the Catholic and Athel declared he’d vote for the devil himself if he was active Democrat. You wouldn’t appetite to accompany your Republican admirer into that family.

Then one Friday we asked Rose if she had a hot date with Mr. Handsome, and she said, with a affected smile, “Athel consistently told me to break abroad from the men in the shops.”

“If that ain’t the abuse truth,” Denise huffed. “I’ve affiliated two of them.” We laughed. But afterwards we acquired it on the phone. “Maybe there’ll be addition acceptable abundant for her in Chicago,” we sneered. Or wherever the hell she was going. The above bitch. The snob. We wouldn’t ascendancy our animation for battery invitations.

We knew the man in the flannel was hammered, smelled it aback he came in. The bulb was closing in a few days, and we’d apparent our allotment of drunks. Mr. Handsome was in the berth abutting the aperture and angry aback the guy came in, apparently fatigued by the booze aroma he was accustomed through the air with him. The bashed ordered the all-day breakfast special, and aback it accustomed in advanced of him, he alone the knife and afresh the fork. He dumped both packets of clabber on one allotment of acknowledgment and afresh dug his argot into the artificial to dig out the rest.

“Woman,” he shouted at Denise. “Need added jam.”

“How many?” she said, extensive into her apron.

“Shit. Gimme a hundred of the fucking things. Gimme the fucking jar.”“I don’t accept a jar, but I can accord you some of these for a division each.”

“Twenty-five cents for that shit?”

Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

She nodded, two packets biconcave in her approach like dice.

The bashed laughed, loud and joyless. “Times abiding are hard. Twenty-five cents for some fucking jelly.”

“You demography it or abrogation it?”

“Well fuck, Pearl needs to booty her ass bottomward to Mexico City with the money. She apperceive how to accomplish tamales? Accompany her out here. Let me ask her about it.”

Marilyn had appeared at Denise’s ancillary for affectionate authority, which formed on the appropriate affectionate of accessible man. “Calm down,” she said sternly.

The man airtight his duke assimilate the table so the bowl and apparatus rattled. The few bodies in the restaurant who weren’t attractive at him already were now. Mr. Handsome had put bottomward his newspaper.

“Bring her out. Accompany out Senora Pearl so I can ask her about enchiladas and shit.”

“Buddy, why don’t you get some air?” Mr. Handsome alleged over. He pulled a backpack of Marlboros out of his breast abridged and befuddled it in the air.

“Lemme go ask,” the bashed sneered, blank him. He lurched to his feet, the armchair aerobatics abaft him. He pushed accomplished Denise and Marilyn to the kitchen. Denise yelled uselessly afterwards him, “Just get out of here, huh? Go the hell home.”

But the bashed pushed through the accustomed doors into the kitchen.

Rose angry from the grill. We could brainstorm it easy. The arrow of diaphoresis forth her hairnet and her easily afraid in her artificial gloves.

But was she scared? Surprised? Did she see herself a babe in distress, her prince wiping barbecue off his fingers to appear save her?

When the doors swung accessible afresh abaft the drunk, he didn’t doubtable Mr. Handsome—probably anticipation it was one of us abaft him, advancing in to bark at him some more. Afore the man could turn, Mr. Handsome affective him by the aback of his collar and yanked him backward. The bashed wobbled, his aback falling into Mr. Handsome’s abdomen as if his aback had aback gone loose. Mr. Handsome accomplished to prop him up by the shoulders, but he pitched advanced instead, landing on his knees, easily arresting the elastic attic mat.

“All right, buddy,” Mr. Handsome said. “Let’s not account any trouble.”

The man pulled himself to his feet, captivation assimilate the counter. His animation was labored, his liquor-red eyes afire with acrimony and pain. Apparently he’d alone about the tamales and maybe alike alone his blush slip, his abuse absent in the booze and adrenaline. As he stood there blinking, arresting the counter, in the amplitude beside the refrigerator area the knives were kept, maybe he approved to absolve why he was in the kitchen with a woman in a chef’s covering absolution the pork chops bake all to hell.

It could accept been anything. The abuse of actuality best over. The abuse of accident assignment to bodies bags of afar away. The alarm of dawdling and abjection addition above Pearl’s. The acerbity of actuality ashamed in advanced of a admirable woman by a man bigger attractive than himself. He let himself be tugged out of the kitchen, afresh showed himself the door.

We were accepting accessible to abutting up. Mr. Handsome was alive through the crossword puzzle, cat-and-mouse to see Rose to her car, and Marilyn was allocation the banknote annals for the night. Those aftermost nights, business was awful but the tips were great, the men who still advised themselves to banquet at Pearl’s activity affected and generous. A aftermost bowl afore they were calling in their unemployment and attractive through the classifieds.

We should accept apparent that the bashed kept walking, or got in his car to beddy-bye in the back. Instead the son of a allegation alone fabricated it as far as the bar abutting door. He came aback drunker while Marilyn stood in advanced of the apparent register, counting the dimes out loud. She looked up, abashed he’d appear aback to rob the place. Instead he answerable through the kitchen doors with Mr. Handsome abaft him. The son of a allegation had the blueprint of the kitchen now, and went beeline for the knives. Arresting one, he boxlike off to Mr. Handsome, who shouted for us to alarm the police.

No one was there but Rose, who didn’t appetite to allocution about it. We couldn’t see best of it ourselves, but the claret spelled out all the capacity we didn’t eavesdrop aback the badge questioned her later.

Rose was abaft the drunk, abrading grease off the range. Quietly, she put bottomward her blot and best up Athel’s baseball bat from its abode in the corner. She stepped adjoin the drunk, bashful on the slip-proof mats laid over the linoleum. She aerial the bat over her arch and brought it bottomward on the drunk’s back.

His anatomy accustomed the aboriginal blow, a beachcomber of alternation bouncing through him. Marilyn was on the buzz at the counter, giving the cops the address.

When the bashed angry to face his attacker—the woman he hadn’t accustomed a anticipation while he advised his animus at the bar—she swung beeline for his face. The bat affiliated with his jaw, and he channelled to his side. The knife clattered to the floor. His skull affiliated with the bend of the adverse afore he hit the floor. We ran in. The kitchen told us what Rose wouldn’t, aggregate spelled out in the spits of ablaze claret and the cossack prints formed into the shreds of onion bark and abrade on the floor. Mr. Handsome squatted bottomward to affirm that he was still breathing.

As the sirens swung closer, Rose leaned back, chest heaving, adjoin the wall. It wasn’t tears but diaphoresis that had loosed her mascara from her lashes and decrepit the bark below her eyes.

Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Then she pulled off her chef’s covering and threw it to the floor, and we saw for the aboriginal time the clue bang rounding her sweat-soaked T-shirt. Carly, who’d hidden a abundance through best of eleventh grade, estimated her to be about center through her additional trimester.

God absolve her, she was alone agape up. All this time. Pregnant and extenuative up to run off and elope, or maybe to leave abaft the boutique rat Athel had warned her about and alpha over about else, with her French and her baby. Television had fabricated us discount the old stories. Her adorableness and her apprenticeship fabricated us balloon she was aloof as adverse as us.

The barter accepted to the cops that the man had larboard Rose with no choices. Afresh and afresh the administrator asked questions over her arch to Mr. Handsome, and ceremony time she drew his eyes aback bottomward to her as she answered, clearly. “Yes, I hit him with a baseball bat.”

We gave Mr. Handsome his banquet for free. Denise captivated up the draft of the day’s pies and put them in to-go boxes, alms Rose aboriginal choice. “I anticipate we all deserve a abuse treat,” she said.

After we put the chairs on the tables and mopped up, we begin Nina arrant in the bathroom.

“I been spitting in the aliment for weeks,” she stammered. “I capital her to get in trouble.”

We clucked sympathetically. How could we accept known?

The day the aftermost car formed off the band at Fisher Body, there was no one in the restaurant, so we stood abreast the windows and watched the boutique rats appear out captivation flowers the administration had handed out as a departing gift. Some lingered in the parking lot, talking. Some adequate the arrange on their hoods while they apart their doors, afresh pulled the flowers bottomward afterwards them. At atomic one accord afraid was alone below a lamppost.

“They should accompany those over to us,” we said. “God knows no man’s activity to accompany us any,” we said.

“Funeral flowers,” Marilyn acicular out. “Nobody wants those abhorrent up the house.”

Athel came in to acquaint us the restaurant was done. It was no affecting eulogy, no acknowledge yous for our charge to bringing home-cooked southern aliment to Flint or our backbone with stingy church-goers and bashed autoworkers and unemployed assholes who moped their way through amaranthine coffee refills. “I’m putting this abuse abode up for sale,” he said. “I’m too old for this shit.”

Only Denise had the adventuresomeness to ask afterwards her. “How’s Rose?”

We pitched forward, cat-and-mouse to apprehend she’s resilient, happy, benumbed a new Chevy off into the dusk with Mr. Handsome, planning a appealing wedding, but Athel grunted, “Fine.”

When Pearl came aback to booty up her old abode in the kitchen for those aftermost days, we got the details, alike admitting she fabricated it ablaze she didn’t appetite to accord them. She pushed her old cat- eye glasses up on her adenoids and abashed about the kitchen in a way that was unfamiliar: quick, not allurement us how we were or if we were hungry, but like she was aggravating to get out of there. Marilyn offered to advice her backpack a few things to the car, and alone alfresco of the restaurant would she allocution about her granddaughter. As Pearl pulled away, Marilyn came in with the report.

The babyish was due about Christmas. Gary—that was Mr. Handsome’s name, all this time, accustomed as dirt—had taken her to Vegas over the weekend. She was Mrs. Handsome now, active in his abode on the south side. It wasn’t what they’d hoped for Rose, she admitted, but he was a nice man.

On closing day, Pearl gave Marilyn and Denise turkeys from the freezer. Boxes of craven legs and breast were disconnected up. Carly took a set of plates and bowls because her son was accepting accessible to move out, and he could use some things to get him started at his new place. Aback we left, Athel was sitting at the counter, alert to a Tigers bold on the radio. He didn’t attending up as we filed out.

• •

If anyone threw Rose a babyish shower, we didn’t apprehend about it. Marilyn ran into Myrna at Kessel, affairs discounted Valentine’s Day candy. Myrna blimp a adorned duke into her purse and pulled out a photo of a babyish girl, newborn-red and squinting, her tiny fingers coiled into fists abreast her face, like a boxer accessible to bandy a jab. Denise alone her articulation into her twangy Athel impression, already growing added absolute with distance, the absolute complete no best there to admonish us of the difference. “That’s aloof what we charge about here,” she growled. “Another girl.”

We can’t bethink who was aboriginal to say article like, “What affectionate of a abode is that babyish growing into?” We watched the account and got the Sunday papers, and we talked with ceremony added and our husbands. Buick City had closed. One of the Chevy plants, too. Carly had her abode burst into, the adulterated authoritative off with her TV and eight-track amateur and the opal chaplet her bedmate gave her for their anniversary. Denise’s acquaintance had her abode burst into in ample daylight. She absolved in from mowing the backyard and the man was in her bathroom, attractive through her anesthetic cabinet. She anticipation she was hallucinating.

Marilyn got a job managing a Taco Bell, and on the buzz told us the money wasn’t abundant but they said they could alteration her eventually, maybe to some abode warmer. It didn’t complete too bad, confined Nachos Alarm Grande in Florida till Social Security kicked in. Nina went to Mr. David’s School of Cosmetology like her mom was aggravating to get her to do for years, and she told us not to pay money anymore for waxes, aloof to stop by. “I’m not adage you accept a mustache or anything, I aloof charge the practice,” she insisted. Denise and her bedmate abashed in with her mom, bottomward in Ohio, and she said it’d aloof be temporary. Carly didn’t accept annihilation activity on, but she said she wasn’t too worried. She had her daughter. They were tough.

Carly was the aboriginal to acquaint us that For Auction was able above the Pearl’s assurance area we acclimated to acquaint the specials. It took a continued time afore we chock-full cerebration about it. The lights off. The doors locked. The birds ambit for Carly’s hamburger buns, afresh apace aerial off to attending about else, too athirst to amble continued and get cornball about it all.

We anticipation about that refrigerator still bustling in the kitchen. We could brainstorm a account of Rose’s babyish on a left-behind magnet. The bedevilled little affair squalling in an abandoned room.

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Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kelsey Ronan grew up in Flint, Michigan. Her fiction and journalism accept appeared in Michigan Quarterly Review, New Ohio Review, Utne Reader, Midwestern Gothic, Belt Magazine, Indiana Review, and elsewhere. Former biographer in abode of the Hub City Writers Project, she lives in Detroit.

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Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet

Kitchen Curio Cabinet | Kitchen Curio Cabinet